The Sonny Angel Online Store Has Been Renewed!

The Sonny Angel Online Store has been renewed. Sonny Angel was born in Japan in 2004. Loved by people all over the world as a "little boyfriend", he is celebrating his 16th anniversary this year.

Our renewed online store will offer services and content that will allow you to enjoy Sonny Angel even further. We aim to be a store that will be more satisfying to all who use it daily.

In addition to the Sonny Angel Online Store renewal, we are making plans to refresh the online experience for all Sonny Angel fans.

We hope you will visit the new site frequently to learn more.

Sonny Angel will continue to deliver healing and smiles to your daily life.

How to activate your account on the new Sonny Angel official online store

We transferred your account data (except for password) from the previous system.

      1. Please check the verification e-mail we sent to all former Sonny Angel Store members.
      2. Enter your new password and click the "Activate Account" button.

      3. We've transferred your name, address, phone number, and membership rank. Please check this data on My page.

      4. You will receive an email when you complete activation in the new system.

If you don’t receive the verification email, please Contact Us.

A new “Membership program”

Along with our online store renovation, we are pleased to announce a new “membership program” with special offers. The membership ranking system extends discounts based on your purchases in the last 12 months.

The Membership Program is linked with the SA App to be released soon! So, stay tuned for special offers, information, and coupons!

There are 5 member ranks! As you achieve higher ranks, you become eligible for more discounts!

You might also earn priority for buying exclusive products. And, you can register your birthday to get a wonderful birthday present from our online store! These offers are all waiting for you!

Here for details of the “Membership program”.