Earn SA Points by shopping at Sonny Angel USA's official website!

SA AppandPoint

※SA Points from Sonny Angel USA's official website are only available on the Sonny Angle App for the USA and Canada.

※If you are already a member of SonnyAngelUSA.com, please register for the app using the same email address you use to access the site to make sure you receive your points.


What Point Prizes are available?

★ 10 SA Points ★ 30 SA Points ★ 60 SA Points ★ 100 SA Points ★

Multiple SA Point items for all SA Point tiers. SA Point Items are available exclusively on the Sonny Angel USA App and are limited in quantity so hurry to redeem your points! Your rewards will be shipped with your next order.

Redeemed Point Items will expire after 90 Days. The Sonny Angel USA App will send a push notification 10 days before expiration, 5 days before expiration, and on the date of expiration of redeemed Point Items

Please note: Some SA Point items may not be available. Most prizes are discontinued once they are sold out and new items get added every year!

Redeem SA Points 


Redeem for 10 SA Points
【☆】10 SA Points【☆】
Redeem 10 SA Points for: Decorative Enamel Pin (3 styles), Acrylic Birthday Bear Keychain (2 styles), or 3-Piece Sticker Set!


Redeem for 30 SA Points

【☆】30 SA Points【☆】
Redeem 30 SA Points for: Decorative Hand Towel (2 styles), Pink Branded Pouch, or small Ornamental Dish (2 styles)!


Redeem for 60 SA Points


【☆】60 SA Points【☆】
Redeem 60 SA Points for: Heart-Shaped Hand Mirror, Flat Acrylic Figure (2 styles), Decorative Winged Cup (3 styles), or Red Passport Case!
hand mirror


Redeem for 100 SA Points
【☆】SA Points【☆】
Redeem 100 SA Points for: Special Sonny Angel Crown Figure or SUPER LIMITED Sonny Angel New Year card and figure!
SA Crown Figure
SA New Years