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Shopping Guide

How to Order


After login, select the item you wish to purchase, decide the quantity and click [add to cart].



When finished shopping, click [Check out] to view the items in your shopping cart and confirm the details (items, prices, quantities).



Enter your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address and any additional information needed to complete your order. For the protection of privacy, your personal data is encrypted and transmitted safely via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) server.



Enter your credit card information for payment and click [next].



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Payment method

Credit Card




For your security when shopping with a credit card, we utilize credit card security codes and a personal authentication system (3D secure) to process payments.

About Shipping

Free shipping for USA orders that are in excess of $40.00. For orders under $40.00, we charge $7.90 for shipping.
For orders from Canada, we charge a flat rate of $45 (shipping and pre-paid import duty).
We DO NOT ship to trans-shipping agencies.
Please note that some orders may be adjusted or cancelled by us without any notice for one of the following reasons:

  • Bulk purchase which appears to be for resale.
  • Order requesting shipment to a forwarding service agency.
  • We deliver only to the USA and Canada.  For orders to ship elsewhere in the world, please visit


Settlement Procedure

Please note that we are unable to change the quantity and delivery address of your order after payment.

Sales figures

All products are sold while supply lasts. We make every effort to keep inventory availability information up to date on the site. In the rare occurrence when product you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Delivery time

Products will be dispatched within 5-10 working days after the order is made, often sooner.
※Your item will be sent from Rhode Island, USA.

Warranty and Return Policy

If delivered item(s) is different from what you ordered, broken or stained, please contact us to resolve the issue. In some rare cases, e.g. limited editions, items may not be available for replacement. Please note that under certain circumstances however, products cannot be returned or replaced.

  • Sonny Angel minifigures:  If package has been opened, it cannot be returned or replaced.
  • Other items:  You may be able to return or request replacement if you agree to pay the postage and service fees.  Please contact us with details.

If you find receive a defective product(s) (damaged, dirty...etc.), please contact us for the replacement or refund.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone within 7 days after the product's arrival. Please understand that after this period, we cannot accept any requests for return or exchange.
In order to provide customer service, we must hear from the original purchaser.  
We cannot guarantee authenticity of any item not purchased on the official website or from an authorized Sonny Angel dealer.
We do not accept returns or other requests for goods purchased on any other Sonny Angel Official Online Store other than this one (USA) or from other retailers. We appreciate your understanding.

Regarding Defective Products

Please use the contact form to notify us of defects or errors within 7 days after the product's arrival. Please understand that after this period, we cannot accept any requests to return or exchange products.
In case you receive any defective product, we will check our stock and exchange it with a brand new or similar product.

Shipping cost for returned products

If an item exchange occurs due to defective product or incorrect delivery, our company will cover the shipping cost. Please, use our contact form.

If a customer cancels a product after it has been shipped for any reason (refusal to receive it, prolonged absence, etc.), we may take measures such as revocation of membership (i.e., no longer being able to use our online shop).

Please, use our contact form to communicate with us.

Member ID & Password

  • Specific registration information, such as member ID and password, shall only be used by the registered member.
  • Member ID and password shall not be transferred or rented to others. No change of identity.
  • Users are obliged to manage their own ID and password properly. We shall not be responsible for any damages due to unauthorized use by third parties or mistakes in the usage.
  • We shall not ask our members to disclose their ID or password except in the exclusive pages of our website.
  • Users shall change their password swiftly in case of information theft. We are not responsible for any issues relative to identity theft.
  • Users may lose their rights to use our service if their ID or password are lost.


In order to ensure that Sonny Angel fans can purchase fairly, the following regulations have been set up:

◆ If you purchase any of the products or gifts on this website in bulk or repeatedly for the purpose of reselling them, we may change the contents of your order or refuse to sell to you, depending on the circumstances. We appreciate your understanding.
◆ Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.
◆ Refund details after order cancellation will vary depending on the billing and payment date of the credit card you used. Please contact your credit card company for more information.
◆ If you have any questions, please contact us by using the contact form. The reply time is Monday to Friday 9:00~17:00 Eastern Time (closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays). Please note that it may take longer to reply to your email.  We appreciate your patience.

Things to consider when canceling an order after payment

Refund details after order cancellation will vary depending on the billing and payment date of the credit card you used. Please contact your credit card company for more information.