Sonny Angel 15th ANNIVERSARY Limited Edition

Sonny Angel 15th ANNIVERSARY Limited Edition

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Sonny Angel 15th ANNIVERSARY Complete Guide Mook Book

Sonny Angel 15th ANNIVERSARY Limited Edition

Sonny Angel celebrated the 15th anniversary of being born in Japan as a "small boyfriend" that brings you happiness and a smile. The most recent complete guidebook that covers a vast a 15-year history has been released!

There is so much fascinating content, including a complete guide of all 979 Sonny Angel figures (including secrets). Released in 2019, the Mook Book includes an interview with Toru Soeya - the creator of Sonny Angel!
The Mook Book explains the history and story behind the birth of Sony Angel and the meaning behind each design.

The Mook Book also contains limited edition figures of Sonny Angel and Robby Angel, commemorating the 15th anniversary, included as a set! ♪
Read this book and look back on your memories with Sonny Angel ♪

◆ Products Name:Sonny Angel Complete Guide Book - 15th Anniv. Limited Edition -
◆ Weight:Approx. 412g
◆ Material:ATBC-PVC
◆ Rabbit Size:Approx. W40×H100×D25/mm
◆ Robby Size:Approx. W30×H55×D28/mm
◆ BookSize:Approx. W145×H205×D7/mm
◆ Package Size:Approx. W148×H210×D40/mm
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