Robby Angel Collector's Trophy

Robby Angel Collector's Trophy

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The Robby Angel Collector's Trophy - GOLD

The Robby Angel Collector's Trophy in GOLD is available for the first time ever!
This unique figure is a beautiful addition to any Sonny Angel Collection.

The Robby Angel GOLD Collector's Trophy is incredibly rare, with only a few pieces available in the USA!

The unique serial number is engraved on the gold plate on the pedestal. 
An authenticity card with matching serial number is also included.

Each figure comes with cylindrical acrylic display case to decorate and help protect from dust. (No assembly necessary. Handle with care)

◆Product weight : Approx. 2.6 lbs
◆Product material : Polystone
◆Product size : Approx. W108 x H220 x D108 / mm
◆Package size : Approximately W180 x H275 x D165 / mm
◆1 Box : US$250.00

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