Lucky Cat Collector's Trophy

Lucky Cat Collector's Trophy

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Sonny Angel Lucky Cat Collector's Trophy!

The Sonny Angel Maneki-neko may bring you happiness!?

The famous Lucky Cat - or Maneki-neko as it is known in Japan - is a traditional symbol of good luck that is thought to bring fortune and happiness to its owner. 

The Sonny Angel Maneki-neko is made of high quality weighted polystone, painted with vibrant colors, and is decorated with a yellow bell on his collar. The large, 3D figure is a calico cat, which are said to be especially lucky!

There are two sizes, L (10 inch) and S (6 inch). Choose your favorite size!

Size -L-

Product Weight: Approximately 2.85kg
◆Product Material: Polystone
◆Product Size (in): Approx. W5.3 x D5.3 x H10 /in
◆Product Size (mm): Approx. W135 x D135 x H250 /mm
◆Package Size (mm): Approx. W230 x D230 x H385 /mm

Size -S-

◆Product Weight: Approximately 0.73kg
◆Product Material: Polystone 
◆Product Size (in): Approx. W3.1 x D3.5 x H6 /in
◆Product size (mm): Approx. W80xD90xH150 /mm
◆Package size (mm): Approx. 220w × 390h × 220d /mm

Order Limit

Up to 1 Piece per size.

(*Please be aware that orders with duplicated accounts, names, address, or phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

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Sonny Angel Lucky Cat Trophy - SMALL (1 Piece)

Sonny Angel Lucky Cat Trophy - SMALL (1 Piece)

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