New Japanese Good Luck Series

New Japanese Good Luck Series

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Japanese Good Luck Series!

The Japanese Good Luck Series is back with 4 new Lucky Figures added to the lineup!

In this series, Sonny Angel wears traditional Japanese charms and motifs to bring you healing and happiness! The figures include various "lucky charms" popular in Japanese culture. If you decorate your desk or front door with these charms, you may be lucky!

This series includes 6 kinds + secrets + 4 new Lucky Figures:

Lucky Dharma "Love", and Lucky Dharma "Good Luck"

Lucky Dharma "Victory", and Lucky Dharma "Daikichi"

The packaging for this series is inspired by "mizuhiki"; decorations created from twisted and stiff rice paper which are traditionally used for celebrations in Japan.
The background is studded with auspicious pine, bamboo and plum designs.

6 kinds + chance of secrets + chance of Lucky Figures.
One assorted box contains 6 blind boxes. (*Secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box.)

◆ Weight:Approx. 28~45g
◆ Material:ATBC-PVC
◆ Products Size:Approx. W25~39×H73~88×D25~31/mm
◆ Package Size:Approx. W50×H102×D45/mm
◆ AssortmentBox Size:Approx. W201×H107×D135/mm
(*Please note: Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.)

Order Limit

Up to 5 pieces or 1 box (of 6 figures).

(*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

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Japanese Good Luck Series (1 Piece)

Japanese Good Luck Series (1 Piece)

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